Truffles, Chocolate, and Candy

Twirly Lollipops surrounded by Salt Water Taffy. Summer in your taste buds!
Mayana’s Space Bar. Almonds, caramel, and nougat encase in chocolate. Almost 1/4 pound of delight. From Spooner, WI!
Passion Fruit Truffles from Melt Chocolat’ in Plainfield.


Christmas treats, including Honeycomb/Angel Food/Fairy Food, Bourbon Caramels, Mint Patties, & Petits Fours.
Moonstruck Chocolate Bars
Wilbur Buds in Milk & Semi-Sweet Chocolate. Smaller than a Hershey’s kiss, bigger than a chocolate chip, and better than either.

Wilbur Chocolate Buds

Big selection of candy and gum, including your nostalgic favorites.

25-Cent Candy

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