What is Sugar Doll?

Sugar Doll is a shop in downtown Stevens Point that specializes in chocolates, cards, and odd gifts.  Sugar Doll takes pride in offering the Stevens Point community items that can’t be found anywhere else in the area.

Mission Statement:

Sugar Doll’s mission is to brighten our customers’ lives by providing high quality chocolates, old-time candy, idiosyncratic greeting cards, stationery and gifts in a warm, inviting shop.

Who We Are:

Mary:  Mary McComb is a retired college professor and the owner of Sugar Doll.  She grew up in Stevens Point and always thought that downtown was the center of the universe.  Mary had daydreamed for years about opening a shop in downtown Stevens Point. Finally the time was right.  Although a neighbor boy had encouraged her to open a downtown bait shop, Mary decided she needed to sell something she was passionate about.  This choice led to the selection of creamy Moonstruck truffles and diverse stationery products featured at Sugar Doll.

Staff:  Mary’s staff includes wonderful ABR employees, namely Bonnie Beverstock, Kerry Grande, and Richard Tolfo.

Store History:

Since 2011, Sugar Doll has been the source of the area’s most distinctive selection of cards, candy, and stationery.  Its diverse yet complementary selection of products came about when Mary McComb merged her stationery shop, Paper Doll, with Rick and Andi Oppermann’s candy store, Sugar Cubed.  The businesses had resided side by side since 2007.